Artifacts From Iron Age Fortress Confirm Old Testament Dates of Edomite Kingdom

Greece Oldest intact shipwreck known to humanity found in Black Sea The trading ship, previously only seen in an intact state on the side of ancient Greek pottery, was dated back to BC. The ship, which is lying on its side with its mast and rudders intact, was dated back to BC – a time when the Black Sea was a trading hub filled with Greek colonies. The team, which includes British, Bulgarian, Swedish, US and Greek marine archaeologists and maritime scientists, said the vessel was found at a depth of more than 2km. The water at that depth is oxygen-free, meaning that organic material can be preserved for thousands of years. Helen Farr, a project team member, added: The Greek vessel is one of more than 60 shipwrecks identified by the project, including Roman ships and a 17th-century Cossack raiding fleet. In addition to dozens of shipwrecks, they found the remains of an early Bronze Age settlement underwater near the former shore of the Black Sea. During the three-year project, researchers used specialised remote deep-water camera systems previously used in offshore oil and gas exploration to map the sea floor. A documentary on the project will open on Tuesday at the British Museum.

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Local apples were used for pie. Baking powder came in different strengths single, double acting. Did you know some culinary historians say we Americans measure with objects as opposed to weight because of our pioneer heritage?

How to Date Austrian Pottery By Linda Richard ; Updated April 12, Austrian pottery dating incorporates the history of the region, since involvement in wars caused name changes after the formation of new countries like Czechoslovakia.

Survey of the Serpent Mound by E. Tail of the serpent. The Serpent Mound is a Native American earthwork shaped like serpent. It is located along a plateau in the Serpent Mound Crater made by a meteorite impact millions of years ago. It is curved following the land it rests on. It’s mouth is located on the west end and is open, appearing to devour a ft long egg-shaped mound.

The tail has seven coils and ends in a triple twirl.

William Adams & Sons

Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot.

Adams china was made by William Adams and Sons of Staffordshire, England. The firm was founded in and became part of the Wedgwood Group in The name Adams appeared on various items through All types of tablewares and useful wares were made. Other pieces by Adams are listed under Flow Blue and Tea Leaf Ironstone.

However, the Poole Pottery, as it became known, is now remembered as the maker of instantly recognisable Art Deco ware and the striking wares of the s which marked it among the most innovative of British post-War industrial potteries. Now based predominantly in Staffordshire, Poole Pottery production continues today.

Range Established in , the Carter Company was primarily concerned with the manufacture of tiling and architectural products. It was Jesse Carter’s son Owen who developed the art pottery. By the end of the First World War this was making a wide range of decorative wares under design head James Radley Young and had established important links with the Omega Workshops. Two years after Owen Carter died, his brother Charles formed the partnership with the designer and silversmith Harold Stabler and the Stoke-on-Trent potter John Adams in that ushered in Poole’s heyday.

It was during the Carter, Stabler and Adams period that some of the most memorable Poole wares were produced. Much of the traditional range was based on the work of the chief designer in the s, Truda Carter. These red earthenwares, covered in a white slip and then dipped in a semi-matt clear glaze before decoration in a variety of floral and geometric patterns, drew high acclaim at the time and were retailed through leading stores, including Liberty’s and Heals in London.

The Second World War caused a complete rethink at many of Britain’s potteries. Wartime restrictions had left staff numbers reduced, buildings and machinery were in a poor state of repair and there was little appetite for repeating pre-War designs. At the Poole Pottery this meant investment in a new kiln and an influx of new talent to complement some of the old guard. Poole first exhibited their Contemporary wares in London in , two years after the Festival of Britain.

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Flow Blue is highly collectible, antique blue-and-white china. The vintage dishware was most popular during the Victorian era and has experienced several surges of renewed popularity in the past 45 years. Flow Blue is a type of antique china called transferware. The production of this attractive dishware produces a gentle, hazy quality in the design that was originally a mistake.

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Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Sullivan and Jaime J. Awe When Awe first began intensive archaeological research at Cahal Pech in the s, the primary goals of the project were to determine the nature of Preclassic Maya culture at the site and to more clearly define Formative period developments in the upper Belize River valley. Excavations at sites such as Colha Hester et al.

However, there was still much controversy over the origins Willey , level of complexity Ball a , and material culture Awe of these pioneering settlements. Problems with accurate dating and the original definition of the Swasey phase at Cuello Andrews ; Kosakowsky and Pring also hindered accurate interpretation and evaluation.

It was in the midst of these controversies that the distinct Cunil ceramic complex at Cahal Pech figure 7. The new data presented here demonstrate that the Cunil Lauren A. Awe complex is distinct from early facet Jenney Creek. Radiocarbon dates and stratigraphy support conservatively dating the Cunil complex to — B.

The Ceramic Industry: Is a Little Green Better Than None at All?

And when I finally landed it was clear I had my next topic for EcoSalon. Is ceramic an eco-friendly material? But first the aforementioned answer, which comes from Whitney Smith , a ceramic artist on Etsy. I asked her about the eco-friendliness of her work.

The Adams family had potteries in Staffordshire as early as At that date two brothers, William and Thomas had separate ventures in Burslem.

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This impressed pottery mark details ADAMS WARRANTED STAFFORDSHIRE. Written in a banded circle wrapped around a central crown. This mark is dated to c

Welcome to my Poole Pottery website. If you’re already a Poole fan, then hopefully you’ll enjoy what you see and keep coming back, as I will keep updating. And if you don’t yet know much about Poole Pottery, then I hope the site will spark an interest in this fabulous stuff. New creative impetus came when silversmith Harold Stabler, sculptor Phoebe Stabler and potters John and Truda Adams joined the factory and in , and a new company was formed — Carter, Stabler and Adams Ltd.

Art pottery was made at Poole throughout the whole of the 20th Century. It was influenced early on by the Arts and Crafts Movement and later by artists associated with the Omega Workshop. It stayed true more or less to its hand-crafted ethos, as individual designers and potters came and went, each leaving their own unique mark, and taking the pottery forward, through the Jazz Modern era, to the post-war “New Look”, and on into the Swinging Sixties.

And to keep my postings as upto date as possible, I’ve also started a Poole Pottery blog where you can see all my latest finds. Finally, Feedback is always welcome, so if you like what you’ve seen and want make a comment, or want to read what other visitors have to say, have a look at my Guest Book , and thank you to everyone who’s left comments so far. The pots mostly come from eBay but a few are from fairs and antique centers too. I hope they’re not too obtrusive, and perhaps are even useful.

And if you do happen to click on them, at least you’ll be helping to fund my pottery habit. Click an image to navigate.

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