Roma Downey, Will Packer to Produce ‘The Baxters’ Drama Series for Lightworkers

April 3, Author: Soulsisterstruth 0 Comments I wanted to give you a few characteristics of lightworkers you may not have heard before. Will never ever give up no matter what. They may say they will and even think they will. They may take a break but they will always come back to the mission. There is something inside them that drives them. Hates the behaviors of people but loves them at the same time. This is unconditional love that is inside them. Their willpower is unbreakable.

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July 8, Author: Soulsisterstruth 4 Comments We as lightworkers are attacked on a regular and consistent basis. There is a reason and purpose behind the attacks. I am beginning to see a pattern in the attacks. We are all attacked at the same time with the same energies.

Matt and Shanzi attribute a desire to hookup instead of going on a date to the lack of commitment that comes with casual sex versus the seriousness of a date.

Focus Identify not what you want to do. But how you want your life to be. Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do with their lives. It could be the house in the countryside, to be an entrepreneur, or to have the skills to heal people. It could be the freedom to wake up every morning at a time you fancy, rather than one dictated to you by an external schedule. It could be the joy of seeing your children grow up one day at a time. Focus on what you want to see in your future and then take the steps towards that.

If you want to be a yoga teacher, save up the money for a course, take the course in the evenings whilst working another job, and even if it takes 10 years and some exhaustion!

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About Me Lightworkers I can explain the definition of being a lightworker in two ways: This is the definition that makes most sense to me. If you are sitting there thinking, “OK, that’s one word, big deal. But what does it mean?

Men and women going through a tireless dating process, often lower their standards or expectations out of fear of being alone, frustrated by horrible dating experiences. While understandable, there’s a better way—God’s way. Read more at !

Since change is imminent, let be the springboard that helps us shift into a new world where love, harmony and peace are the bedrock of humanity. We now choose LOVE as the focal currency of this world. WE ALL can participate in this loving creation. We use the light and love of God, the true Source of all life, to support our new vision. That is when magic happens! TOGETHER, our concentrated passion for a better world creates a greater force for change more than one person acting alone, and through our efforts a new paradise is born.

We invite all lightworkers to join us for this collective New Earth Meditation event on the 8th of April at 11AM.

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And this prompted Awesome Jurgen, one of my happy shiny readers to ask this burning question: I mean, to help humankind. Are Light Workers Special People? Are Light Workers chosen, or do they become a Light Worker because they chose themselves? And, of course, I answer the all-important question of how you can tell if YOU are a lightworker. Everything was running smoothly, and, seemingly out of nowhere, they both gravitated out of his reality.

Lightworkers and Relationships. by OMTimes Magazine. February 07, conscious dating Judi Lynch lightworkers Love relationships spiritual dating. Next Page. OMTimes Magazine. OMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. OMTimes Magazine – Co-Creating a More Conscious.

Courtesy of Lightworkers Producer-actress Roma Downey has raised the curtain on her long-gestating LightWorkers website designed to offer uplifting and inspirational content. Downey has assembled a team of about 25 staffers who are creating and curating short-form editorial and video content for the LightWorkers. There is a spiritual element to some of the material but it is not an overtly religious venture. The content ranges from celebrity interviews — Downey used her Irish credentials to land musician Van Morrison for a rare video chat — to stories of the achievements of everyday people to socially conscious endeavors around the world.

I think in the future videos of two to five minutes is going to be the sweet spot of storytelling. Those short-form vids have generated more than 21 million views to date with no promotion.

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Guest Writer for Wake Up World This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated — cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.

This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.

Lightworker Dating. likes. Lightworker dating is designed to bring all lightworkers, starseeds, empaths together to find each other. We will change.

Do you see repeating numbers patterns and angel number sequences? The presence of numbers like , , and indicates that your spirit guides are trying to get your attention. Find out what the numbers mean. Below are my personal interpretations of what these number patterns mean to me. Since numbers are universal and each has their own vibration, they may give you some guidance for your own life. Read more about the bigger picture on why you see repeating number patterns.

Why do I see repeating numbers? Your spirit guides and angels are trying to get your attention and repeating numbers help to point you in the right direction for the questions you are asking. They are also referred to as angel numbers. What messages are my guides trying to send me?

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Calendar Months Most newspaper article events happen anywhere from days, to months, to years before they reach publication. Consequently, most newspaper articles on this timeline are preceded by the date of the newspaper in which they appear. Detailed data source transcription for all news article quotes – this timeline – generally didn’t begin until A stellium represents a tremendous ending and new beginning, a concurrence of three or more cycles.

The past is lost, and a journey into a wide-open future follows.

Newly Awakened Lightworkers tend to have a significant awakening experience spurred on by a life event. Once awakened it is hard to go back to sleep and there is .

I remember that I had just come out of an incredible eye-opening lecture and I was full of excitement and energy and I felt extremely alert and vibrant. The colors of red and yellow certainly are a confirmation of that. Click photo for larger image The second photo demonstrates quite a development in the Aura Photo Technology, but in my personal evolution as well! I now found a new toy for my large bag of tricks! It is a visual tool for communicating with my Inner Being. What an incredible tool for practicing energy awareness.

My husband and I went to San Diego for an appointment for our aura picture taking. The colors and shades of the oval Aura Image can be seen as the outward appearance of one’s state of Being. Although the method merely gives us a glimpse of our magnificence as Divine Beings on Earth, I think a trained Aura Reader is able to read the character traits of a person, as well as the nature of their passing thoughts and feelings, by simply studying the shifting colors of the aura.

But ultimately, who didn’t want to be able to read one’s own Aura-Chakra-Photo oneself?! We are energy beings, vibrational beings! The healers and teachers now can show their clients or students that they are energy-based beings and that they are vibrating at a certain frequency, made visible through the medium of color.

Calling All Lightworkers !! ~ Awakening Humanity To a Higher Octave!