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History of the Home Canning Jar and Collecting Antique Mason, Ball and Kerr Jars

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Dating Old Canning Jars. I have a lot of old, vintage canning jars. I love the history they carry as well as their charm and character. While it is okay to use them for storage or even as a refrigerator container, you should never process old jars in a canner.

It has come to my attention that some oddly colored Nov 30th type jars shades of red and yellow, probably other colors exist have recently surfaced for sale on auction sites. They have the base mold number: They were likely recent imports from Asia!!! If anyone has further info on this type of jar, or knows of other mold numbers that ID fakes, please contact me! These are also recently-made imports from Asia. His improvement revolutionized home canning in the United States. There is no absolute proof of that, however.

Antique Canning Jars

Ball Bros was based in Muncie, Indiana. Glass jars with this embossed marking probably constitute the most popular jar for home canning ever produced in the United States. Hundreds of millions probably upwards of a billion or more! Hundreds of slight variations in shape, size, lettering font, glass color, base markings, etc. Typically, they were made in half pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes.

Only a few types of Atlas jars are collectible: the Atlas E-Z Seal, Atlas H over A Mason, and the Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason. Colors are usually blue-green or aqua, or clear. Beware of very strong colors which may indicate a reproduction or irradiated glass.

By Marye Audet If you can your own fruits and vegetables, you might be surprised to find that the value of old canning jars is often significant. If you are using the ones your grandmother left you, that jar of spiced peaches might be worth more than you think. Collecting canning jars got its start in the s with a renewed interest in canning and other domestic arts.

Why It’s Sometimes Called a Mason Jar While canning jars have been around for a long time, it wasn’t until that the screw-on lid was created. Prior to that time, flat tin lids were attached to the jars with wax rings. John Mason was a tinsmith in New York and perfected a machine that would cut threads into the lids, creating a jar with a reusable, screw-on lid. This process was easier and more reliable than the tin lid and wax method.

Although other companies began creating the jars, Mason held the patent, and so the style of jar became known as a Mason jar.

MASON’S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars – Summary

First Name You are here: I seem to always need jars. They had come to my in-laws by way of an aunt who used to do a lot of canning. Apparently a long time ago.

Fruit Jars: A Collectors’ Manual. Hazel-Atlas Glass Identification & Value Guide Second Ed link to website – Society for Historical Archaeology site offers bottle Dating, Glossary, Glass Colors, Links, more, including a section on Canning Jars. Greg Spurgeon Antique Fruit Jars – link to website – Home of “Jar Talk” Forum and the North.

Co of New Jersey Patented July 16 The familiar term Mason Jar came after its inventor, Mr. Mason, who, at age 26, was a tinsmith in New York City. He perfected a machine that could cut threads into lids, which ushered in the ability of manufacturing a jar with a reusable, screw-on, lid. These jars freed farm families from having to rely on pickle barrels, root cellars, and smoke houses to get through the winter.

For urban families, Mason Jars allowed excess fruits and vegetables to be preserved for use later. These are very rare. These jars carry the familiar embossing “Mason’s Patent Nov. This date refers to the original patent date, not the actual date of manufacture. Jars carrying this embossing, often with other monograms, numbers, letters, etc. Most were produced in the s s. The identities of many actual manufacturers are unknown. Value depends on embossing, color and size.

Lightning jars represent an important advancement in the history of home canning and are still a part of American culture.

Value of Old Canning Jars

History [2] [3] [ edit ] Traditional dried fruit such as raisins, figs, dates, apricots and apples have been a staple of Mediterranean diets for millennia. This is due partly to their early cultivation in the Middle Eastern region known as the Fertile Crescent , made up by parts of modern Iran , Iraq , southwest Turkey , Syria , Lebanon , Palestine , and northern Egypt.

Drying or dehydration also happened to be the earliest form of food preservation:

The Collector’s Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars. These vintage canning jars from the s to the s are the staple of retro country charm.

It was founded in in Washington, Pennsylvania , [1] as the merger of four companies: They also produced many of the white milkglass “inserts” used inside zinc fruit jar lids, as well as many types of milkglass cold cream jars and salve containers. Also an important maker of a very large variety of bottles and jars for the commercial packaging industry. Hazel-Atlas, at that time the third largest producer of glass containers in the U. The acquisition was challenged under the Clayton Antitrust Act in a case that was eventually decided by the U.

Supreme Court in United States v. It continued to make containers, glassware and tableware into the s. In , 10 of the 12 H-A plants in operation were sold to Brockway Glass Company, and it is unclear if the remaining two plants used the H-A trademark after that year. Patterns[ edit ] Hazel-Atlas produced dozens of different patterns, with unique names. The Hazel-Atlas mark, usually placed on the back of the product, is an “A” nestled underneath an “H”. The mark was reportedly first used in , according to trademark office records quoted by Peterson Trademarks on Glass.

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Vick’s Vapo Rub jars Wine and liquor bottles With expansion came more plants, innovation in glass production and machinery plus the formation of a new company by Hazel Glass to meet its fruit jar production needs, Atlas Glass. The Hazel Company continued to manufacture items from opal glass and began expanding its commercial bottle and jar lines.

With competition from Libbey Glass mounting and because of the development of a patented piece of equipment that increased glass production automation, a 3rd company was formed called Republic Glass Company. The new company made pressed tumblers utilizing a newly developed automatic press. This and other presses were developed.

Find great deals on eBay for Atlas Mason Jars in Collectible Jars from to Present Day. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for Atlas Mason Jars in Collectible Jars from to Present Day. The top of it states it is a fruit canning jar lid and the inside glass says it was produced by Ball Bros. Buffalo N.Y. All glass.

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How to Date Atlas Jars

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Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. Bill Lockhart, Beau Schriever, Bill Lindsey, and Carol Serr with contributions by Jay Hawkins The best-laid plans sometimes go far beyond the wildest imaginations. When Charles Brady teamed up with Charles Tallman in to make glass inserts for fruit jars, they could.

Neo-Assyrian period, 9th to 7th centuries BC. The earliest language written in Mesopotamia was Sumerian , an agglutinative language isolate. Along with Sumerian, Semitic languages were also spoken in early Mesopotamia. Akkadian came to be the dominant language during the Akkadian Empire and the Assyrian empires, but Sumerian was retained for administrative, religious, literary and scientific purposes. Different varieties of Akkadian were used until the end of the Neo-Babylonian period.

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Early in Mesopotamia’s history around the mid-4th millennium BC cuneiform was invented for the Sumerian language. Cuneiform literally means “wedge-shaped”, due to the triangular tip of the stylus used for impressing signs on wet clay. The standardized form of each cuneiform sign appears to have been developed from pictograms. The early logographic system of cuneiform script took many years to master.

History of the Home Canning Jar and Collecting Antique Mason, Ball and Kerr Jars

Collecting Antique Fruit Jars Collecting antique fruit jars is a field in and of itself. Many members of the Los Angeles club are actually fruit jar collectors and don’t collect bottles at all. I started collecting antique fruit jars nearly thirty years ago minus a few years that I took off to go to college. I’ve found fruit jar collecting to be an interesting and diverse hobby. I’ve met a number of very nice people and learned a lot about the history of glassmaking and also about our nation’s history.

Atlas Jars. The Atlas E-Z Seal is a type the Lightning jar. Dating Old Ball Canning Jars. First published in , reprinted in , it is available for a new generation of bottle collectors. Fruit Jars details the types of containers used for canning fruit, lists jars alphabetically with markings found on the jars and denotes.

Antique canning jars are colorful reminders of Grandmother’s country kitchen. These jars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are very collectible. Types of Antique Canning Jars Canning jars were an important part of the kitchen for well over a hundred years. Women used the glass jars to preserve fruit, vegetables, jellies and jams for the family to eat during the winter months. Since the jars were glass they were completely reusable and often handed down from generation to generation.

European jars can be found that are from as long ago as the s. In the United States, however, a variety of canning jars began appearing in the late s. While stoneware crocks were used for many things, they did not enable the homemaker to seal the container securely and so the contents were always at risk. Wax Sealers The first jars used sealing wax to create a tight seal. The wax was melted and poured into a channel around the lip of the jar. A lid was put in place and as the wax cooled a seal was created.

The difficulty came when it was time to open the jar because the wax had to be melted so that the lid could be taken off. Regardless of this inconvenience, wax sealers were popular well into the early part of the 20th century. It had a screw-on cap.

Ball Perfect Mason

Prehistory Archaeology in China The practice of archaeology in China has been rooted in modern Chinese history. The intellectual and political reformers of the s challenged the historicity of the legendary inventors of Chinese culture, such as Shennong , the Divine Farmer, and Huangdi , the Yellow Emperor. At the same time, scientific study of the prehistoric period was being sponsored by Western archaeologists and paleoanthropologists.

The establishment of the Academia Sinica Chinese Academy of Sciences in enabled Chinese scholars to study Chinese archaeology for themselves, and preparations were made for large-scale excavations. Notable work was done under the direction of archaeologist Li Ch i Li Ji at Anyang, in Henan province, but this was suspended with the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in

When scouting out these jars for your collection, search for the blue Atlas mason jars and the larger sized versions, as these tend to be of more value. But, if you are like me, search for the ones that appeal to your fancy and bring back memories.

You got it I’ve never seen dates earlier than the 4. The coloured ones blue, green, amber for European jars are the really old ones. Hazel Glass Company was started by two brothers Charles N. In the beginning the company made. At this time besides the mason jar liners they added opal colored ointment jars. The company continued to grow rapidly adding more manufacturing. A third company was formed called Republic Glass. This company made pressed tumblers from newly developed automatic.

This page and associated sub-pages allows a user to run an American produced utilitarian bottle or a significantly sized. Find great deals on eBay for old square jars griswold cast iron. To enable the user to answer two primary questions about most utilitarian bottles and jars. It also includes ‘Bottle Dating. Dating Old Canning Jars.

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